Hi, I'm intuitive life coach Shannon Walbran!

I help you see, hear, feel, and know that #YouAreGuided.

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Each daily lesson gives you a story, an example, and a chance for you to practice flipping a coin.

You'll learn:

  1. three coin flip techniques
  2. how to phrase a question for clear answers
  3. a coin's strengths and weaknesses
  4. how to combine a coin flip with angel cards
  5. when never to flip a coin

- and much more!

Coins are simple and easy to use. A coin is a great tool to help you hear and understand your inner wisdom.

Getting clear messages will help you accomplish your personal goals with more ease and grace, knowing #YouAreGuided. Using your guidance, you can:

  • get more done by quickly prioritizing tasks
  • earn more money
  • know when to act and when to wait
  • improve relationship communications

- and more!

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